We belong to the land

Text by Antônio Bispo dos Santos
Ideograma Adinka, from a series of paintings by Abdias Nascimento

Antônio Bispo dos Santos is a writer, poet, farmer, and one of the greatest thinkers in contemporary Brazil – or rather, a translator of knowledges, as he likes to put it. Bispo is also a political activist, playing an important role in the fight for land and for the recognition of the culture and way of life of the quilombos – communities originally formed by enslaved Black people who were able to escape and resist slavery. In the following text, originally published in Piseagrama in 2018, he reflects on colonial history and the violence inflicted by the Brazilian State upon the quilombola people, whose practices are based on orality and on the ties between the land and its use to the fulfilment of life. The land does not belong to the people, they belong to the land.

This article is the second installment of Travessias—Crossings, a joint collaboration between Futuress and PISEAGRAMA. It was translated by Brena O’Dwyer, with the collaboration of Carmela Zigoni.


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