Planting in the trail of rain

Text by Heleno Bento de Oliveira
Plantas e ervas medicinais, serie of drawings organized by Ana Carvalho, by women and children from Zona da Mata Norte in Pernambuco: Carmelita Maria da Silva, Helena Tenderini, Ivaneide Maria Ribeiro, Juno Embaubas, Luiza Cavalcante, Malaika Oniilari Tenderini, Maria José da Silva, Nzinga Cavalcante and Vanuze Carmelita da Silva



The umbu tree can be considered a symbol of the nordestino people. That tree taught us how to make cisterns. The umbu tree is the living being that first created cisterns in the world, storing water for subsistence. Its cisterns are those potato-like parts, that are filled with water so it can flower and bear fruit in the dry season.


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